Get A Wireless Access Point

Delivered To You

With Complete Cloud Capabilities, 

For Three Years,

With No Commitment to buy,

For Free.

>Yes, get yours in four simple steps.


1. Register

Sign up to a free on-demand Meraki Webinar.

Name, company, etc.

You know the drill.

2. watch

Meet these requirements:

  • Watch webinar

  • Be an IT Professional

  • Use corporate email

  • No others in org already claimed offer

3. Delivery

Access your dashboard and preconfigure your Wireless Access Point, before it even arrives.

4. Start

Start your cloud managed networking journey, risk free.

Get in contact with us and we will help you get the most out of Cisco Meraki!

But Really, What's the Catch?

What's in it for Meraki?

The catch?

You must spend your time watching the webinar which will teach you about the Meraki range.

What's in it for them?

1. Meraki are so convinced that their product sells itself, that as soon as you use it, you will want it.

2. They can educate the market on the benefits of a cloud managed network.

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It's on demand!
(watch it in your own time)

But let me guess, it's hard to actually get selected?

Honestly, I was shocked, too. 

But I wanted to learn more so I signed up for the webinar anyways, it was free.

Then I got the hardware and it did come with the license too.

I setup my dashboard and connected it up and I was up and running in no time.

Watch this unboxing video I did for an Engineering IRL x Cloudmate Networks collab here.

I don't know how long Meraki will keep this offer,
so get yours now while you can.

It is the single best risk-free way I know to test new cisco gear in YOUR own network.

(webinar is on demand)