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Consulting for Small Business Networks

We can sit down and talk to you about your business and determine what your needs are to get connected or to improve your current networks.

We provide engineering level network architecture diagrams and can design future networks to support your business.

Security Assessments

Not sure if your business is secure from online threats? We have capabilities for performing Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment to NIST and NERC standards. 

Need something simple? We can do a cyber assessment across your overall network security posture no matter how big or small your network is.

IT Infrastructure

We can help connect, setup, mount, run cables, supply power and get your infrastructure setup, installed and ready for you to use.

IT Support

Need something specific? We can help you with tasks from installing a printer, fixing your WiFi or getting your applications and more importantly, your business up and running again.

Desktop Installation

Linking Desktops to your network and setting up from bare metal to business asset.

Cloud Management

One advantage of your business being cloud connected is that we can support and manage your cloud implementation for you. This can be from Microsoft 365 to Skype, AWS or Cloud UTM / Cisco Meraki.

How to get our Services

Easy, get in touch and we will do our best to help you connect your business to the cloud and find the best ways you can keep your business running as if you had an entire network team behind it!

Get in touch today.